Saturday, August 1, 2009

Remiss in my duties and Birthday antics!

I've been a bit remiss in my blogging duties probably because work is wiping me out and my hair was back in a ponytail or 100 bobby pin updos because I couldn't do anything with it. It's still a big fat mess from my bleaching fiasco and the roots were beginning to grow out, giving me a very unattractive tri-color stripe as the roots at the time of the bleaching kept the red tinge of the repigmentation we went through and the rest of the hair took on the blonde color I was going for.

Since I finally have a job again (hallelujah!) and have money again (Amen and a hallelujah!), I decided it was time to do a demi-permanent Paul Mitchell PM Shines treatment as a personal birthday present to myself. So I went to the beauty supply store and bought some stuff for a friend and a guy I work with and ended up blowing $150 in the store. Yeah...that's right. $150. I bought my demi-permanent dye in nutmeg (A light brown color with slight red undertones), the developer that goes with it (PM Shines has it's own special developer since it's a deposit only hair dye), found Hempz brand face wash and moisturizer, then I found the tanning lotions. So I bought two of those! Then I went home and found 3 bottle of tanning lotion staring back at me on the shelf. I think I have enough now!

I colored my hair last night and ended up with brown hair. Not light brown with slight red undertones. Like brunette. Silly me...I didn't account for my hair's extremely porous state since the bleach and it absorbed the color and went much darker than it should have.

So today, for my birthday, I treated myself to a haircut so I will stop wearing my hair in a pony tail and actually try to look attractive at work. The girl was fantastic and I'm definitely going to her again. She wanted to try to style my hair curly, but it just isn't curling again yet. I still have yet to cut off all the damage on the length. The back has almost all the bleached portion chopped off (thanks to a very layered stacked graduation in the back) and I'm not the proud owner of bangs (or fringe if you're in the hair business)! I haven't had bangs for probably 15 years.

I'm extremely happy with the haircut. I feel attractive again (always a bonus when you leave the salon feeling hot!) and even put on makeup to go to my nephew Bryson's birthday party. I even got a special cake because it was my birthday (I had to share space with one of my sister-in-law's sisters, but I like her, so it's cool). I told my nephew that since his party was on my birthday, he had to share half of his presents with me (He's turning 8, btw). He said he wouldn't share his presents because I had my own cake. I Guess that's considered a fair trade in his mind! We had good mexican food and I ate Carne Asada to my heart's content!

Earlier in the day, my dad asked for assistance in setting up his new "toy," a canopy. Don't worry, because the destructions were cryptic at best and we don't do destructions as a rule, so we were trying to figure out how things worked. I am proud to say that I figured it out! I am also proud to say that my dad was a smidge frustrated because I figured out the mechanics of what we were doing before he did. He's the visionary and if that fails, then logic trips in to save him. I'm the logic before visionary. I can't stand illogical people, they drive me batty!

My dad was also super sweet by taking myself and my mom out to "breakfast" (At 11:30 am, btw) at a local old-timer restaurant. I had 2 eggs, hashbrowns, 1/4 lb sausage patty and a scone. I ate everything but the scone. It was heavenly! That was my birthday present from my dad. His love language is by doing things for people. It's his way of showing he cares and it's so sweet to see. We talked about his side of the family and I realized that I come from the most jacked up, disfunctional family lineage ever!

So I'm now exhausted from my not super-busy but not planned on day. I was expecting to crash out and sleep the day away, my preferred method for spending my birthday (I hate my birthdays).

Oh! I can't forget...I also cut my mom's hair today. It looks great. I'm quite proud of myself. And while I was cutting my mom's hair, I got a call from my brother Kim. We're probably the closest siblings and he lives down in Texas. My phone was in my room and I was cutting my mom's hair, so it went to voicemail. On my voicemail was a message from my nephew Conner (I don't ever spell his name right, so it's probably wrong...sorry Conner!) Saying "Happy Birthday, Keri! I love you!" Of course, my brother was prompting in the background, but soooo sweet. Then my brother called my parents line and I talked to him. That was great. He's in the hospital with their younger boy. They thought he was doing better, but his heart stopped beating today, so if you're reading this novel...keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Another long stay in the hospital for the Texas Beams! At least they know everybody and are part of the "family" there. I wish they were closer!

All in all, a good birthday full of love and well wishes. I also received (right on time, of course) a birthday card covered with frogs from my loverly cousin Ashlee wishing me a happy birthday. Made my day! It's going in my cubicle at work!