Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unemployed and slightly disgusted

Yes, that's right. I'm unemployed. Well, sort of. The job that I was working at has decided to terminate my "Assignment" with them (I was working through a temp agency) because I got sick too much. I wouldn't be sick if everybody and I mean everybody wouldn't come in sick to work! Case in point: One of the ladies I worked with had a cracked wisdom tooth. She had the tooth pulled and they told her she was out of absences (in the company handbook, there is no such thing as an excused absence), so she came in with a big gaping hole where the tooth was. And she talks on the phone all day. I'm still technically employed with the temp agency, but they don't have any positions right now.

I got the call from my temp agency (at about 8:00 PM) telling me not to go back in and that she would go down to pick up my personal belongings. I just asked her to have my friend who still works there to pick it up. I am my mothers daughter and had accrued quite a stash of food and other stuff like tylenol, aleve, hair stuff, makeup (for those emergecies, etc.). I'm happy to say that it looks like the person who cleaned out my desk (By 8:00 AM the next morning) took the drawer out and dumped it upside down into box. There were two boxes. I am also pleased to report that I cannot confirm or deny, but it looks like there are some things missing like a bag (We're talking Quart size plastic bag full) of Crystal Light Packets. You know, the kind you mix in a 16.9 oz bottle of water. I also cannot confirm or deny that there were two boxes of nutrigrain bars that each had 2 bars eaten out of them. The boxes are gone and I got 3 bars in the boxes. I can confirm that a sweatshirt of mine was almost confiscated because it was considered "Unclaimed." Uh, it was sitting on my desk...wouldn't you think it's my sweatshirt?! You do the math. Is this a rant? Yes. Do I feel better? Yes. Guess it's a good thing I wasn't offered a permanent position there.

Soooooo...if anybody knows anybody hiring....I'm available!